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While bat removal is our undeniable specialty, we still like to provide customers of ASAP Wildlife Control with a wider array of animal removal services, because bats aren’t the only animals that threaten your peace and tranquility. From raccoons and possums to mice and squirrels, there’s a variety of animals roaming about that we’re able to manage. Protecting our customers in Kalispell, MT, is of the utmost importance, and we do this by providing comprehensive animal removal services. We use our skills to track, investigate, and remove a wide array of animals and pests from your home or business, so you can get back to enjoying your day free of annoyances and odd smells. 

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Humane Animal Control

Living in Montana, you’re sure to come across a furry animal or two. The only problem is that sometimes it’s not always an encounter that takes place outdoors. Our animal removal services at ASAP Wildlife Control feature only the most humane methods of animal control, allowing any animals on the premises back into the wild. Naturally, these critters could reappear if you’re not prepared, which is why we’ll help you seal off those nooks and crannies before they have a chance to return.

We Control What We Can


It is true that we can handle a variety of animals both in size and in numbers, but when it comes to larger, more aggressive animals, you may want to safely rely on certified and specially trained experts of bears and mountain lions for animal removal of their kind. While they may seem cute from a distance, these animals have tremendous amounts of strength and are to be considered extremely dangerous. 

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