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Bats are one of the more pervasive and troublesome animals that we’re tasked with finding and removing. Thankfully, that’s our specialty. At ASAP Wildlife Control in Kalispell, MT, we offer the No. 1 bat removal services in the area, keeping your home and business free of those flying rodents. While we understand how bothersome uninvited guests like bats can be, we promise to rid your property of them in a safe and humane fashion. 

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Keeping the Bats at Bay

Bats find their way into your home through small cracks, crevasses, and other openings, searching for protection from predators and the elements. They can also gain access to your home through poorly installed or badly maintained vents. Our expert bat removal team at ASAP Wildlife Control can help you identify these weak points, find the perpetrators, and return them to the wild. We’ll also help you devise a plan to better protect your home to prevent the animals' return.

From one-way cones and nets to exclusions and foams, we use a variety of tools to complete our bat removal services in the most effective manner possible. Our tools, chemicals, and equipment come from the industry’s most trusted and effective manufacturers so we can match our 40-plus years of experience with their effective tools for complete bat removal.

Signs of a bat infestation


Short of seeing a bat with your own eyes, how would you know that your home or company was housing a flying rodent? There are several telltale signs of a bat infestation, and knowing them could be the difference between the nuisance of a single bat and the frustration of a full-blown infestation. Call us if you notice:

Strange Noises

If you hear strange noises at night, like high-pitched screeching and whining, you may have bats in your attic. Remember, most of these creatures are nocturnal, so most of their activity and communication will take place after dusk.

Bat Droppings & Urine

If you happen to roam through your attic and notice the presence of animal droppings, it may be easy to mistake them for rat or mouse feces. If the substance appears shiny in the light, it’s likely bat feces, indicating that you have a bat infestation. They also leave noticeable urine stains where they roost, usually with the smell of ammonia lingering.

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