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Your home is supposed to be your haven, your escape from the outside world and all of the people and creatures that inhabit it. Unfortunately, there are times where the outside world can get past your defenses and make your life a living nightmare. That’s why our animal control team at ASAP Wildlife Control is here to help. Based in Kalispell, MT, we’re an experienced wildlife control company, specializing in a variety of services to return the comfort of your home or business back to you, your family, and your customers.

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Bat Experts

While we handle a wide variety of animal control services to free your home or business of potentially harmful or threatening animals, our specialty revolves around our ability to handle bats. At ASAP Wildlife Control, we’ll be sure to provide humane and professional animal removal services while helping you protect yourself from future infestations. 

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Whether you’re looking to get rid of rascally raccoons or prairie dogs, you can rest assured our trained, careful, and resourceful animal control experts will free your property of the issue. We use a wide range of pest control techniques to keep your property free of Montana’s native animals, their invasive ways, and the “presents” they inevitably leave on your property.

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ASAP Wildlife Control has been saving residential and commercial customers from wildlife concerns since 2004, making us one of the more trusted wildlife experts in the region. Not only do we have over a decade of service to the area, but we also have over 40 years of animal control experience, giving you the confidence you need to know any situation you have involving one of our state’s mischievous or bothersome animals will be dealt with swiftly.

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